Wednesday, January 10, 2007

House Renovations, Additions and Repairs in Cape Town

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H2O Roofing and Waterproofing, your trusted Cape Town company for all your household repairs, minor additions, alterations and renovations. We provide plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, roofing, waterproofing and masonry services at the best prices. No job too small. We give two year guarantees on roofing workmanship, five year guarantees on geysers and copper piping. Free written quotations. We use only highly skilled and qualified electricians, plumbers, builders and painters.

No payment up front! Tired of being ripped off by unethical builders in Cape Town who demand a deposit and then don't do the work? Or they say they need money to buy the materials and you never hear from them again? Post a comment and let your feelings be known! Blacklist unethical builders by posting their information here so that others are not caught by the same crooks! Fed up with building companies who build you walls crooked and your floors uneven? Sick of shoddy workmanship? Tell the world by posting here!

H2O Roofing and Waterproofing is entirely ethical, you pay for your own materials, they do the work, and then you pay for it. Save yourself money, hassles, headaches and stress, get a family run company that will not rip you off! Sam and his two sons will do what ever work you need, from fixing a leaky tap to installing geysers, painting your house inside and out, removing your rubble, fixing your roof, trimming you lawn or re doing your plumbing! They can do it all, for a reasonable price, and no hassles for you.
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Try our Pre Purchase House Inspection.

Buying a new house? Does it have cracked foundations? Wood rot in the rafters? Cracked tyles on the roof? Leaking pipes in the walls? Want to know before you buy it?

Would you buy a second hand car without having it checked by a mechanic? So why would you buy a second hand house without making sure that it isn't going to cost you a fortune in repairs down the line? Do you know the difference between a simple plaster crack and one that goes right into the wall? Can you spot something that the current owner has tried to hide? Do you know if the geyser has a pressure reducing valve fitted? If not, it could blow up in your face ... literaly. And guess what? If it doesn't have a pressure valve, your insurance won't pay for the water damage to your ceilings, or for a new geyser.

Be sure that your biggest investment doesn't turn into a liability, with endless repairs to leaking roofs, damp walls, widening cracks in the walls, sinking foundations and much much more. These days it's hard to find a builder that doesn't either rip you off or build it wrong. Well, we can't fix crooked walls or sloping floors, but we can show you all the potentially expensive flaws and problems in a house before you buy it.

And we can fix it for you. We will come to your prospective home and give you a full report on any problems that we find for just R250.00. Then we will give you a FREE quotation to do the repairs. Feel free to go to other builders or renovators and get more quotes, they won't beat us.

And have you noticed how hard it is to find a renovator in Cape Town who will do those small repairs and minor additions? Want to paint just one room? We will do it for you. Want to just put in an outside tap, or move one? We will do it for you, and for less than it will cost you to call out a plumber. Want to build a stoep and fix the roof? We can do both. Want to put in an extra light or plug, and fit new taps in your kitchen? We can do both.

So don't spend a fortune calling out the electrician and the plumber, and then find that the plumber can't put in the pipe because it's too close to the wiring! We can do both, and we will make sure that the wiring isn't in the wrong place!